Kelowna same-day weed delivery in Kelowna Canada

The Kelowna City Council is today announcing it will be delivering weed by mail. The city is using a new email-based delivery service Kelowna same-day weed delivery, which will allow individuals to order their weed from their homes or office without leaving the comfort of their own residences. The service will be rolled out in August of 2016, with a trial period that has included the delivery of approximately 30 kilograms of medical cannabis. Kelowna is Canada’s premiere center for cannabis production and retailing, as well as a hub for the medical cannabis industry.

Kelowna same-day weed delivery

As such, we know that cannabis needs to be delivered on demand. In Kelowna same-day weed delivery is in passing all-time high demand. “While we continue to promote patient-focused delivery, we recognize that cannabis is still illegal in Canada and must be delivered in the proper legal jurisdiction. We are pleased to join Weedmail as a leading peer on this front,” said Sebastien St-Louis, CEO and co-founder of Weedmail. “We’re excited about our new partnership with Kelowna City Council, who understands the importance of providing legal cannabis access to patients”. What’s great is that when you receive your weed directly from an authorized producer, it’s safe and secure in our collective minds. We’re proud that Weedmail

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