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6ixdispensary is a leading online Canadian cannabis retailer. They offer the best selection of medicinal and recreational cannabis products. They are providing safe and reliable weed delivery service since 2015. Our team of expert cannabis consultants is on hand to help you get the best experience possible with our online dispensary. We deliver everything from weed to edibles, concentrates, and more!

5 Reasons Why Toronto is The Best Place to Purchase Weed: 6ixdispensary

Toronto is the best city for Cannabis shopping because of its large population, variety of dispensaries, and convenience. Toronto also has the most convenience stores located within a 10-minute walk from one dispensary than any other place in Canada.


Toronto is the best city for cannabis shopping because it has a large population, variety of dispensaries, and convenient locations for consumers to visit

1. Toronto’s Huge Populated Areas = More Customers!

2. The Greater Toronto Area Has a High Number of Licensed Cannabis Consultants and Retailers

3. More than 3 Million Square Feet of Retail Space in the GTA

4. The Greater Toronto Area has Nearly 100 Marijuana 6ixdispensary, Cannabis Shops and Head Shops

5. There Are a Large Number of Local Transportation Options for Weed Delivery or Pick up Services & Own Car Parking Solutions Available at the Store

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